I want you to feel love at first site with your e-commerce website

For ambitious e-commerce business owners

A boutique Shopify Design & Development studio that elevates online shops into customer obsessions— and your online presence into profit.

I'd love to help you!

    Are you an ambitious e-commerce business owner?

    Are you having trouble growing your profits?
    Do you find it difficult to stand out from the crowd?

    I can help you!

    So, erm, why should you trust me to be your go-to Shopify Partner?

    It’s a good question and one I am glad you asked {or, at least, thought}.

    I’m Kirsty, with 10+ years in e-commerce, using creativity, hard work and humour to design & develop all things Shopify related.

    I’m a horse-obsessed, tea-fuelled specialist e-commerce web designer and developer, based in the rolling hills of the Flemish Ardennes in Belgium, with my husband and daughter. If I'm not at the stables, I can found enjoying crafting and spending time with my family.

    I’m not the average Shopify design and developer, I’m friendly, supportive, and approachable. Empowering you to grow your e-commerce business. 

      I believe in...

      1. 1

        Warm, fun & personal connection

      2. 2

        Enthusiastic idea generator

      3. 3

        Trust the process = Ask, listen, research, summarize, plan, design, feedback, refine

      4. 4

        Create engaging & intentional Shopify websites & brands

      5. 5

        Educate, empower & support ambitious e-commerce business owners

      • 1. Warm, fun & personal connection

        Working with me should feel like we are sitting down and chatting over tea and biscuits. It will feel natural and warm. I will ask questions and listen closely to the answers to understand your vision and goals. If we can laugh about something, then let’s! Who doesn’t love a good meme? But don’t forget that I’m a hard-working, determined woman who can put her professional (big) pants (British pants :D ) on when necessary.

      • 2. Enthusiastic idea generator

        I LOVE my work because I meet inspiring creative entrepreneurs, like yourself, hear your stories, and learn about your brands, products, and future goals.  How can I help your business grow? I become an enthusiastic idea generator and your biggest supporter. Questions pop into my head, like “Would a rewards scheme work for you? What features on your product page does your customer want to know and see? How can we build trust and connection with your customers?” The result: innovative and visually appealing solutions for my clients.

      • 3. Trust the process = Ask, listen, research, summarise, plan, design, feedback, refine

        I’m organised and love learning, and I bring this to your project by building a great partnership and involving you in the whole process. I use one project management system to communicate, ask questions, assign, and track tasks and see what is on the horizon, the end goal. My intentionally designed materials get the most valuable information from you in the most condensed way possible. I research, admire, and critique the latest online design and UX directions, and take courses to update my skills and broaden my perspective. Feedback and refinement take my designs from good, to better, to BEST.

      • 4. Create engaging & intentional Shopify websites & brands

        I plan and design engaging brands and Shopify websites using proven methods and strategies based on established behavioural science. Honesty, trust, and authenticity are essential to me. I don’t use shady tricks to create more sales but take the time to get to know your brand and your ideal audience. Meaning, I can focus on the things that matter: Intentionally designed Shopify websites with passion, care, and attention to detail. The result? Brands and websites that feel like home and speak directly to your ideal audience.

      • 5. Educate, empower & support ambitious e-commerce business owners

        At the heart of everything I do is the goal to help my audience, ambitious e-commerce business owners, like yourself. I want to empower you by providing the tools and expertise to grow your brand online (and offline), and for every budget. I offer resources, articles, and courses that educate and support my audience in building successful online businesses.